I write things. This is a selected portfolio

The Complicated Afterlife of a Murdered Social Media Star Electric Literature, October 2019

Social Butterfly (a profile of Sobhita Dhulipala) Verve Magazine (cover story), Aug-Sept 2019

“Besharam” is a Survival Guide for Shameless Brown Girls Electric Literature, April 2019

Sex Online Is Becoming Thinner, Straighter, and Whiter Them, February 2019

How Trans and Intersex Indians Would Suffer Under a New Discriminatory Bill (co-authored with Zarah Udwadia) Them, January 2019

From ‘Sick’ to ‘We That Are Young’: The Ultimate Women-Centric Reading List from 2018 The Swaddle, December 2018

How the internet helped break sexual taboos, especially for women The Economic Times, May 2018

What Kerala Knows About Breakfast Extra Crispy, March 2018

The rest of the story (a review of Gurmehar Kaur’s Small Acts of Freedom) India Today, February 2018

Clicks for pleasure India Today Woman, December 2017

My Failed Attempt at Illness-Chic Racked, October 2017

Shame, Xenophobia and my Pressure Cooker Extra Crispy, July 2017

Loop of Desire – the erotic potential of GIF porn GQ Magazine, July 2017

If we bring our loneliness to the internet, what do we take away? Deep Dives, March 2017

How some asexuals use erotica to get off VICE, March 2017

How Not To Be A Dick In Goa This New Year’s BuzzFeed, December 2016

Author Sharanya Mannivannan Thinks Love Can Be Subversive The Establishment, October 2016

If We're Insisting Domestic Violence Is A "Family Matter," At Least Talk To Your Family About It BuzzFeed, July 2016

Why I Share My Favourite Porn With Other Women BuzzFeed, May 2016

Why we need porn: rescuing sex from the free speech debate Catch News, August 2015

Let’s not call it porn Mint Lounge, April 2015

Sexist remarks, stalking and rape threats: how women are punished for speaking online Scroll, February 2015

Why has one Delhi woman announced that she will date 50 men this year? Yahoo Originals, October 2014

Have We Got It All Wrong About Internet Addiction? Yahoo! Originals, September 2014

The not-so-strange feeling that someone’s always watching you GenderIT, August 2014

What Does the Woman in the Panel Want? (a profile of Chitra Ganesh) Yahoo! Originals, August 2014

The Strangely Narrow World Before Her Yahoo! Originals, June 2014

Echo of a Battle Cry Open Magazine, March 2014

A Life Less Ordinary in the Taj Mahal of Chicken Coops Yahoo! Originals, January 2014

A walk down Bombay’s oldest pleasure district The Sunday Guardian, October 2013

Inside Mumbai’s Burgeoning Hip-hop Scene The Sunday Guardian, October 2013

Class and the canine: the Indian rich and their obsession with pedigree The Sunday Guardian, October 2013

What’s cooking? Demystifying food practices across India (an interview with Vani Subramanian) The Sunday Guardian, September 2013

The thin line dividing cyber abuse and sexual autonomy The Sunday Guardian, September 2013

Across continents, the farmer’s plight is consistent The Sunday Guardian, September 2013

Dualism defeats dissolution in Henrot’s show The Sunday Guardian, August 2013

Miniatures that make conceptual twists The Sunday Guardian, August 2013

The challenges of raising children the feminist way (an interview with Shilpa Phadke) The Sunday Guardian, July 2013

In Constant Flux: (de)Constructing Demolition The Sunday Guardian, July 2013

Slow dancing with the moral police The Sunday Guardian, July 2013

Govt patronises in attempt to help the disabled The Sunday Guardian, July 2013

Timely missives on India’s agrarian crisis The Sunday Guardian, July 2013

Street Talking: how gender hierarchies online mirror those offline The Caravan, July 2013

Fusing self-documentation and women’s empowerment (an interview with Paromita Vohra) The Sunday Guardian, June 2013

Keeping Women Safe?: Gender, Online Harassment and Indian Law Economic and Political Weekly, June 2013

Soonawala rape case shows how elite privilege works The Sunday Guardian, June 2013