My first book, Cyber Sexy: rethinking pornography was published in May 2018 by Penguin Random House India. It’s an exploration of online sex cultures, and questions what really counts as porn, and who, finally, has the power to do the counting.

Cyber Sexy was listed as a best book of 2018 on Scroll, The Telegraph, The Deccan Herald and Feminism in India. It was also long-listed for the Atta-Galatta Bangalore Literature Festival Prize.

You can read excerpts on Buzzfeed, Scroll, the Times of India, Firstpost and VagaBomb

If you live in India, you can buy Cyber Sexy on or wherever books are sold. If you live outside India, you can find it on

Here’s what people much smarter than me had to say about Cyber Sexy:

“Richa has created an essential text on the particular crossroads at which her country stands in this cultural conversation and has done her readers the tremendous service of making them fully engaged with that moment and thus empowered to join that conversation themselves” - Alana Massey, author, All the Lives I Want

“In an original voice truly her own, Richa Kaul Padte echoes the storytelling fluidity of Judy Blume. With obscenity laws and morality keepers at one end of the porn wars, and some feminisms at the other, this is the provocative book you didn't know you needed” - Karuna Nundy, advocate, Supreme Court of India

“I considered myself open-minded and progressive, and still found myself further liberated by the time I was done reading Cyber Sexy. This book blows the lid off the mass-scale lie that Indian women are shy, demure and sexually inhibited. It will give each of its readers permission to lead a freer life. I hope every woman in India reads this book” - Rega Jha, editor-in-chief, BuzzFeed India

“Provocative and sharp. This book is going to make a great conversation starter. Or ender” - Rohan Joshi, comedian and writer