Hello! I’m Richa and this is a portfolio of some of my published work.

My writing has appeared in places including VICE, Rolling Stone Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Establishment, Yahoo! Originals, Caravan Magazine, Open Magazine, GQ Magazine, Extra Crispy and many more.

My first book, Cyber Sexy, is on rethinking pornography. It’s forthcoming from Penguin Random House in 2018.

In my other life I’m co-founder and managing editor at Deep Dives, an online imprint specialising in deep storytelling.

I also help create digital resources, like this website on sexuality and disability and an upcoming platform for women facing online abuse (stay tuned)

But my main job is taking care of these two:




You can follow me @hirishitalkies

Or email me at richa@richakaulpadte.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. “Why has one Delhi woman announced that she will date 50 men this year?
    Or is the question: why is she planning to date at all?”

    I do like your words that you written ! But don’t you think 90% Men are ruined by the contemporary woman’s wisdom ! Surely you are good writer! But don’t you seen for the contemporary woman’s culture 95% of indian children are feeling motherless world! don’t you feel 80% of child missing there mother’s education ! and many things…

    Truly I can feel women’s problems, there monochromatic world, there bounds ! But madam sometime try to write about “How our contemporary culture ruined by women’s careless manner” !

    Thank you Very Much

    Samiran Dhar
    (visual Artist)



  2. Hello Madam,
    My name is Kirti Sharma. I am a research scholar at Central University of Gujarat. I want to meet you to take your interview. For that first I have to talk to you on phone. May I get your contact number please. You can send your number through mail or message me on 09413588915. I will call you back.
    Thank you.

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